Wolters Kluwer - Search UX Project

TL;DR Project Summary:

The Business Ask:

"Customers say search sucks. Fix it."

What I Did:

  • End User Interviews
  • Search Log Analysis
  • Case Study Creation and Internal User Testing
  • UI Design
  • End User Testing for Validation

3 Things I Learned:

A spreadsheet with charts and graphs based upon Search Logs will end a business debate in 2 seconds FLAT. Knowing your Primary Use Cases  prevents "loudest voice in the room" debates before they can begin.

If something needs to be done for your users, and no one else stepping forward -- lead the initiative yourself. I didn't particularly enjoy coordinating meetings, or learning about Solr Search, or giving 10 presentations to management to show priority... but I'm damn proud of the results.

With enough sweat and dedication, you can make a difference in people's lives. Our search works better than our competitors. You're welcome, Healthcare Professionals. ;)