Portfolio - Entertainment

The Laughing King - Movie Website

TL;DR Project Summary:


The Business Ask:

"Create a website for the film."

What I Did:

  • UX Strategy (worked with the business owner to determine strategy of film release and promotion of associated Charitable activities)
  • UI Design
  • Working Website (using Webflow)

3 Things I Learned:

Collaborating 100% remotely can be fun and productive. The Film Director was in England. I was in Philadelphia. We worked together on the website via countless Skype calls, and I think had a great time in the process.

Pro Bono projects are a great way to do good while also nurturing your creative spirit. I highly recommend it to anyone -- not just youngsters looking to build their portfolio. Everyone involved the film worked for free too. Actually, you should go watch this beautiful film -- it's 12 minutes long, and absolutely free.

Webflow is a godsend for designers who know code, but don't want to hand code a website ever again. Yes, with this tool, you too can create an entire working website, per a custom design. It's also a great prototyping tool!