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Sales Landing Page/Website Template

TL;DR Project Summary:

Client: Wolters Kluwer
Date: 2018
My Role
: Strategist, Senior UX/UI Designer
Tools Used: Sketch (Design), Webflow (High Fidelity Prototype), Adobe Experience Manager (CMS)
Responsive Design; High Fidelity Prototype

The Business Ask:

"We want a page template we can reuse for lots of differently branded inbound marketing campaigns."

What I Did:

  • UX Strategy (gathered business requirements & studied UX best practices)
  • UI Design
  • Prototype with Animation

3 Things I Learned:

I got to play with Yet Another CMS (Content Management System), this time Adobe Experience Manager. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either.

The "Add This" social share widget is a truly flexible little third party tool. Try it out!

This was the first time I started using Webflow to build high-fidelity prototypes. I wanted to show the animation and scrolling behavior I wanted. It worked out really well.