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Ortho Clinical Pharma - Website

TL;DR Project Summary:

The Business Ask:

"We need you to make our wireframes pretty and update the branding."

What I Did:

  • Responsive UI Design
  • Style Guide Creation

3 Things I Learned:

I worked on a team for this project, along with a dedicated UX Architect who created wireframes, and an offshore team. It was rather relaxing *just* doing design for a change, especially with a skilled UX as partner.

This was my first project with an offshore tech team in India. It was an enormous educational experience about the detail, and precision, that teams based in India require.

The lack of Prototyping tools - and the absence of "Front End Code Inspecting" tools like Zeplin or Invision Inspect - were an enormous pain point on this project, which drove us over budget and over timeframe. I thank heavens every day for these things in my daily life. So much better than flat Style Guides.