Portfolio - eCommerce

Moll Desks - Online Store & Emails

TL;DR Project Summary:


The Business Ask:

"Create a Yahoo Store design for the US Retailer of Moll Desks."

What I Did:

  • Designed multiple templates for the online store, including: Homepage, Product Item page, Category page, PPV Process
  • Designed and coded multiple Trigger emails and Marketing emails

3 Things I Learned:

This was my first responsive website project (2013), which had so many lessons that I'd need to create another website to list them all.

Selling a $1,200 desk online ain't easy. To increase conversions, we included video testimonials, reviews, and educational pages. Because value has to be proven.

It was a delight to work for a company that paid for their own photo shoot with their own products. Photoshopping products into a model's hands is never the same. And it costs the same, after the Designer is paid for their time.