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Lippincott Docucare - Patient Charting Website

TL;DR Project Summary:

The Business Ask:

"Our Programmers built this cool thing. Make it pretty."

What I Did:

  • UX Interviews & Observation, On Site at a Teaching Hospital
  • UX Research (Personas, Task Flows, Primary Features/Needs)
  • UI Design

3 Things I Learned:

If you want to truly grok a person's user needs, go to where they work. Standing in the hospital environment helped center my work and guide my focus.

Never let the programming team design the UI. In other news, don't stick your hand over fire. (Okay, sorry, that was snarky. But seriously. Just don't. Please?)

Humanize your product whenever possible. Human beings use it. Showing that it involves other human beings makes it nicer to use. See the little polaroids there?  Aren't they reassuring? Those are the people you're helping. ;)