Portfolio - Healthcare & Publishing

ASI - Counselor Magazine

TL;DR Project Summary:

The Business Ask:

"Update branding and create website for the Counselor news magazine."

What I Did:

  • Competitive Analysis & Business Stakeholder (Ad Sales) Interviews
  • UI Design
  • WordPress Page Creation

3 Things I Learned:

Never Forget To Interview Ad Sales. This continues to be true today, because there's nothing that can screw up a design like having to shove ads into it after the fact.

Know Your Front End Frameworks. We had limited tech resources, so we needed to design to a front end framework. This eliminated the danger of a crappily implemented design.

Insist on a Front End Developer at the beginning of a project. Because apparently some people still don't know that this is a critical member of the team. Easier to educate Business Owners at the start, than halfway through.