Portfolio - eCommerce

Bindertek - Online Store & Emails

TL;DR Project Summary:

The Business Ask:

"Increase sales of our products on our website and email campaigns."

What I Did:

  • UI Design - Yahoo Store
  • UI Design - Multiple Emails
  • Email Design and Creation
  • Email Sending and Analytics

3 Things I Learned:

This was the first time I was responsible for monitoring analytics of something I'd designed. I created the emails, scheduled their send dates, then measured clicks and revenue. An incredibly eye opening experience, and one that has left me data focused for all times.

In 2011 I started working with Cajam Marketing, a small group of women who kept their eye focused on data and analytics because that's where the revenue can be found. We were working Agile before Corporate America discovered it. It makes sense, right? Stay lean, save expenses, earn money. Everybody's happy. ;)