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Fun with Photoshop — The April Fool’s Edition

Photoshop creation of an Entertainment Magazine that Never Will Be

April 1, 2014

I spend so much of my time in Photoshop creating designs and slicing up HTML emails that I often forget that it can be a heck of a great source of fun and goofy creativity. So for the internet hijinks typical of April 1st, this year, I went into Photoshop and played. And this sort of just happened.

Use Stock Photography that’s aspirational but realistic


March 27, 2014

Your customers and prospects need to be able to see themselves in the photography used on your website. So the models in the photos you choose need to be representative of your customers’ age, gender, race, physical appearance and lifestyle.

How to know when to photoshop and when to photograph


February 20, 2014

Before you have your designer reach for the Adobe Master Suite, take a moment and think about what strategy really is best for your brand and your project. As any fan of Han Shooting First will tell you, just because you can do a thing (Mr. Lucas), doesn’t mean you should.

10 Best Pieces of Art Director Advice That I’ve Heard


January 20, 2014

Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with a ton of Art Directors, Creative Leads, and Creative Directors. Each has taught me something that I’ve used in my own adventures as a Creative Lead or Designer. So here are 10 memorable things that I’ve been told or that I’ve heard Creative Leads say

Happy Holidays, Internet! Here, Have A BBC Sherlock Ringtone


December 11, 2013

The ringtones posted here resulted from my recent efforts at Creative Cross Training, an activity that I enthusiastically recommend to all creative professionals. So enjoy, Internet. You’re to blame for introducing me to Sherlock. Have some ringtones as a thank you!

10 Tips for Creative Cross-Training


December 6, 2013

Smart athletes cross train. Runners cycle, and Cyclists swim, and Football Players take ballet. Even the most highly focused athletes have learned that pursuing other sports gives them balance, flexibility new insight into their own profession. Creative Professionals should follow the same philosophy. Here’s some ideas how.

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